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11 February 2012

New Job

On 9 Jan I started a new job.  I am now a Systems Installation Special (SIS) at Lanier Australia.  Basically what I do is set-up photocopiers at the customer's offices and install printer drivers and the like on their computers.  Eventually I will be getting more involved in the "solutions" area.  Which is basically document management software and the like.
  On the 19th & 20th of January I went to the head office in Melbourne for a induction seminar.  It was a intro to the company and policies, etc.  I also got a chance to meet some of the tech support guys and learn a bit more about the Lanier copiers (which are rebranded Ricoh copiers).  
Company Car - A Ford Mondeo Wagon
  When I got back to work on Monday, my new company car had arrived.  It is a Ford Mondeo Wagon diesel.  It was brand new with only 108km on it.  Although it is a mid-sized car, it seems pretty huge after driving the Toyota Echo for the last two years.  It seems to be a thing here that technicians get company cars rather than driving their own and getting paid mileage. And I am okay with a company car :-)
  The first few weeks I tagged along with Brad, who is the other SIS.  The last two weeks I have been doing installs and calls by myself.  It is nice to be a copier tech again.  Installations were always a fun part of the job, almost everybody is happy to get a new copier (or multi-function device as they are now called).  I did always like the IT bit as well.
  Last Friday we all went out for drinks and muchies at 3:00.  Our office had surpassed our quota for January and got a treat.
  So far I am enjoying my time at Lanier.