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27 January 2012

We are Techno Geeks.

So we now have a home server.  I got a used computer off eBay, loaded it up with hard drives and voila, home server.  All our files are saved there and it does automated backups. It is running a webserver that hosts a personalized start page.  Also, as shown below, it is running iTunes which can be remotely operated with smartphone apps.  Barb, Anne & I are each running remote software on our phones and I also have it on my tablet.  It may be even more geeky there is also a mini computer hooked up to the TV which can play videos we have stored on the server.  This can also be controlled by apps running on smartphones.

26 January 2012

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

The title means "Sound mind in a healthy body".  Now that the weather is getting hotter and/or it is raining buckets, exercising outside is not my favourite thing anymore.  But I am not one of those folks who succumbs to making New Year's resolutions like a politician pre-election.  I make resolutions that I will genuinely enjoy, such as "Only buy tomatoes that taste good" or "have a massage after each rotation block ends".  This year's resolution is to try more kinds of cheeses.   See how it works?  So much easier to keep, and boosts my Vitamin Me.  I blame Stewart McLean for this happy tradition.
So entirely unrelated to New Year's, I joined a gym this week, SnapFitness. It's a 24 hr gym, so always open for my weird hours. Also about a block form our place, so not hard to get to.  So far, so good. I am hoping to exercise every other day on most weeks.  I find it puts more bounce in my step, and keeps the brain clearer. Even if I never lose a pound (although that'd be good too).  The following video had a big impact on my thinking on exercise and it's place in my life.

08 January 2012

Fourth year approacheth

I just bought my notebooks for 4th year. I think the expressions will sum up my experiences in advance.

04 January 2012

Kitties chewing automated water punishment

Our kitties are indoor only beasts.  This saves everyone the problem of them catching wildlife (although I don't think Polly could catch a bird if it landed on her). It also saves us the potential grief of finding them as roadkill on the busy street near us.
However, this fellow from WA has figured out how to deal with annoying night visitors that are left to run free.  Well worth the watch!

02 January 2012

First Beach Day in 2012

This is a good way to start the year; relaxing at the beach.  It is a very lovely day, 30°C and sunny.

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