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25 May 2010

The Flea Battle

It is flea season here now, and we are dealing with Apollyon's little friends. It has been more difficult than I imagined. She has been on Revolution (inhibits fleas' muscle function)monthly since she was a kitten. And still got fleas. So now we have escalated to the point where she is wearing a flea collar (muscle inhibitor again), has jumped a weight class with the Revolution, and has added Program (a chitin synthesis inhibitor). I bathed her for the first time with Anti- flea shampoo (see photo), and we are using "flea bombs" that fumigate the apartment. WE WILL NOT LET THE LITTLE BASTARDS WIN!!!
Poor kitty!
Poor Kitty!

10 May 2010

Accident Prone

This weekend Barb & I were test subjects for a first responder training course.  We basically had to fake injuries and let the class decide how we would be treated.  So over the weekend I:
  • got strapped to a spine board several times
  • facial burns lighting a BBQ
  • crashed my bicycle into a car
  • got shot with a gun in a mall parking lot
  • got hit over the head with a pool cue in a bar fight
  • fell down the stairs drunk
  • got paralyzed by a falling cylinder at work
  • got kicked in the kneecap by a horse.

    It was kind fun pretending to be hurt.  The easiest one was the bar fight because I was unconscious. Plus, I made $60.

    Crash Test Dummies 2 Crash Test Dummies 1

    In the real world I Barb & I went to the Mother's Day run & walk.  I ran the 8km in 1:02:47.  Barb did the walk.  I didn't really train much for it and now I hurt.  The race course was here (Opens Google Earth)

    Mother’s Day Race

    I have started a new enterprise since this job hunting thing isn't going so well.  I've been making custom keyboards in a Steampunk style.  The first two items are now up on Ebay.  The website is at

    Babbage’s Emporium