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28 March 2015

No Lotus for me

I've been a Lotus fan since high school.  Orginally with Esprit Turbo and now I really like the current Elise. Went to Lotus Brisbane to check them out.  Unfortunately I barely fit in them.  With the top up, my hair brushes the roof.  Also with the top up you basically have to fold yourself into the car. Getting in top down isnt to bad. I'm not pretty sure I couldn't convince Barb to get a used one as our next car.  😕

22 March 2015

Moving to Bundy

Hi all.  It is March already and we haven't blogged anything since New Years Eve.  A lot has happened since then.

  First off, Barb returned from her 5 month stint at the Thursday Island Hospital.

  Then, one week later on the Australia Day long weekend, we moved to Bundaberg.  We ended up renting a truck and took two trips back and forth between Mackay & Bundaberg (about 8 hrs each way).

Leaving Mackay
Near Rockhampton we followed a truck that was transporting a steam engine.
Barb got to drive the truck too.
We did run into a bit of rain too.
  We moved into a nice house in Innes Park about 10km east of Bundaberg.  We live about 500m from the ocean. 

More to come...

21 March 2015

Dragon Park

I have just uploaded a new video to YouTube. Dragon Park: Today while Barb & I were out for a ride, we pulled over for a little break. At the roadside park were three giant lizards. We pretty sure they are Lace Monitor. (Shot & edited on my Note 4)