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27 April 2011

ANZAC Bush walk

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  For ANZAC Day (kind of like Remembrance Day), I went with a bunch of people from church to one of the local National Parks to go on a bush walk around Purlington Falls.  There is a zig zag pathway from the car park at the top to the bottom of the falls.  In fact, you can even walk behind the falls.  We stopped for lunch at a small fall a bit downstream from the big one.  It wasn't a really long hike, but there is a fairly big change in elevaion.  By the end of the day I felt it was time to be done hiking.  I wasn't the only tired one, as the three guys in my back seat all fell asleep on the way back to Brisbane.
  On the drive up the mountain I saw my first wild koala.  He was just climbing down a tree.  This is a bit unusual for them because the usually spend most of the time sleeping and don't really wake up until the afternoon.  (Ah, the tough life of the Koala).

19 April 2011

Medicine is a participatory sport

Lucky me got to get IV antibiotics in the middle of the night at the Prince Charles emergency department. I hope I am on the other side of the cannula next time. I have a "complicated UTI". Thanks to Rob for sitting with me all night.
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17 April 2011

Snowy Get-a-way

For all of you in the prairie suffering with the latest snowfall. See some people are willing to travel to see what you have already.

(PS sorry the photo didn't upload at first)

16 April 2011

Election news

Today we got our mail-in ballots for the upcoming election. It is a blank one where we have to write the name of the candidate in because the were sent out before the official cut off date. It also came with a inner envelope, an outer envelope and a mailing envelope. At first that seems odd to have the three, but there is method to their madness. The inner envelope is to keep it a secret ballot. The outer envelope is to be able to mark the rolls that we voted. The mailing envelope is to, well, mail the ballot.
This also means we have to decide who to vote for in the next couple days so the ballot can get back to Canada by the election.
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