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27 April 2011

ANZAC Bush walk

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  For ANZAC Day (kind of like Remembrance Day), I went with a bunch of people from church to one of the local National Parks to go on a bush walk around Purlington Falls.  There is a zig zag pathway from the car park at the top to the bottom of the falls.  In fact, you can even walk behind the falls.  We stopped for lunch at a small fall a bit downstream from the big one.  It wasn't a really long hike, but there is a fairly big change in elevaion.  By the end of the day I felt it was time to be done hiking.  I wasn't the only tired one, as the three guys in my back seat all fell asleep on the way back to Brisbane.
  On the drive up the mountain I saw my first wild koala.  He was just climbing down a tree.  This is a bit unusual for them because the usually spend most of the time sleeping and don't really wake up until the afternoon.  (Ah, the tough life of the Koala).

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