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25 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Australia

We stayed up to midnight tonight to open our Christmas presets.  Barb's parents sent us a box of gifts.  It is unfortunate that after all this time they haven't realized that Barb doesn't like licorice and I don't like coffee.

17 December 2010

Christmas Nigel

Barb decided to get the Christmas nose and antlers for our car Nigel. He and we are ready for Christmas.
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16 December 2010

Latin Dance Party

When Barb & I went to see the big tree in front of City Hall we ran across this Latin dance party.

The video was taken with my new camera which I am loving.
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Our Anniversary

Tuesday was our 14th Anniversary (14 on the 14th). We celebrated by going to the beach in the afternoon. In the evening we had a delightful Italian meal at a little restaurant.
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13 December 2010

Android blogging

This blog post is being written on my phone. I've got a HTC HD2. Normally it runs Windows Mobile 6.5, but because of few dedicated programmers it is now possible to run Android. I have to say I do like Android way better than WinMo. I've been running Android 2.2 for a while now and find it much more stable and user friendly.

Barb is also running Android; on her new Dell Streak. Her contract was up on her old phone, so she cancelled her old phone and USB Internet stick and got the Dell instead. She is loving her phone way more than I thought she would. It is also huge with a 5" screen.

03 December 2010

Evolution of a Christmas Tree, Shaving of a cat.

We now have our tree up. I think it's the latest I've had the tree up in our married life. It's just difficult to get into the mood at 27oC. Instead of describing it, I think I'll use a photo montage instead.

Also, Apollyon got naked (for a cat). She was starting to get uncomfortable in the heat, so we borrowed a pet clipper from a friend (thanks, Robyn!) and did the job ourselves rather than pay the vet $120 to do it. Granted, the vet sedates the cat first. I can now see the logic of that approach! Here's a clip (pun intended):

Lastly, I kept up the Klassen tradition of making gingerbread. Except I found ninja shaped cookie cutters, so now they're NINJAbread men! Very fun, and the friends we have shared them with get the joke. That's nice.