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03 December 2010

Evolution of a Christmas Tree, Shaving of a cat.

We now have our tree up. I think it's the latest I've had the tree up in our married life. It's just difficult to get into the mood at 27oC. Instead of describing it, I think I'll use a photo montage instead.

Also, Apollyon got naked (for a cat). She was starting to get uncomfortable in the heat, so we borrowed a pet clipper from a friend (thanks, Robyn!) and did the job ourselves rather than pay the vet $120 to do it. Granted, the vet sedates the cat first. I can now see the logic of that approach! Here's a clip (pun intended):

Lastly, I kept up the Klassen tradition of making gingerbread. Except I found ninja shaped cookie cutters, so now they're NINJAbread men! Very fun, and the friends we have shared them with get the joke. That's nice.

1 comment:

  1. Love the ninjabread!

    Missing you in China,