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07 December 2015

01 December 2015

Barb the Bikie Part 2

For those of you who might not know, Barb now has her RE class motorcycle licence.  She can now ride by herself without me "supervising" her.  Most times when she is working daylight hours, she rides to work.  Because we got her bike used, there wasn't any choice on colours and white was never her first love.  Last week we changed that.  It is now green.  Tree Frog Green as Barb calls it.  It is the same green as the Mazda 2 hatchbacks.  We painted the helmet and the top box to match.  The top box I also wired for signal, tail and brake lights.
  Eleven months ago Barb wasn't even sure she wanted to ride on the back of my bike and now she has a custom painted scooter!!!
  In other news, we now own an air compressor and a spray gun.  Once we move, we are planning on painting my bike and the car.