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30 July 2012

Holidays with the Fishes

During the break between blocks, we decided to go to Hervey Bay and watch the whales.  We went on the first sail of the season on the Blue Dolphin.  We saw four magnificent humpback whales!
Our captain Pete with Phil and Bruce!
We also had a chance to snorkel with sea turtles and sharks at Neptune's Reef Aquarium. So cool.  I even "surfed" on a turtle- he was passing by at leg level, so I stood on his shell and he took me for a ride. After such an adventure, you need to have fish and chips!!

We also enjoyed a twilight market and walking around on the beaches and the pier (which stretches 800 m into the Bay). A lovely escape!

15 July 2012

Don't mess with Canada's BBQ chips!

So this is what makes crime news in Canada.
I love how the police chief does his best to keep a straight face about it.

08 July 2012

Our Modelling Careers

Over the weekend, Rob and I were models. It's true!

AHAHahaha!  No.

The 3 muscle layers that help keep your insides, inside.
However, the people watching us strut our stuff knew it was what's inside that counts.
This is because we were models for an ANZCA conference, demonstrating our abdominal muscle layers and lumbar/sacral vertebrae.  This was to teach anaesthetic consultants how to perform nerve blocks and epidurals under ultrasound.  I have done this type of modelling for Sonosite a number of  times now.  It's an easy job (hold still) and I always learn a lot.  They like having Rob for demonstrating echo cardiograms because he has very nice landmarks and good valves.By the end of the workshops we usually have a couple bruises from 3 dozen people poking us in the same places over and over.  Fortunately, they practice putting needles into a silicon phantom instead of us. They would have to pay a LOT better for me to be willing to be a pincushion!