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29 April 2013

Out West

  Twice now, I've headed out west the Peak Downs Highway.  Both times have been for work.  The first time was all the way to Emerald to drop off a machine and pick up two more.  That trip involved a overnight stay in Emerald itself.  The last trip on 22 April, was to pick up a machine at one of the coal mines.  That time I was able to go there and back in a single day.  It was about 4 1/2 hour drive each way.  It's very lovely scenery out there and it makes for a lovely drive.  Driving a Volkswagen Transporter may not be the best vehicle to take, but it is okay.
  On the last trip I caught the tail end of a cattle muster using at least 3 horses and a helicopter.  Several times I had to pull over for wide loads.  When I say wide loads I mean WWIIIDDDEEE loads.  The truck take up both lanes and most of the shoulder.  You have to pull right off the raod to let them by.

20 April 2013

Psychiatry is for Sadists

No- mental illness is NOT funny to experience, and I am in awe of the professionals who face up to the challenge of minimizing the damage it can do.  These are just some goofy pictures.
Let's start with paranoid delusions:

This is just cruel. The only was this could be meaner is if it was behind glass and could not me fixed.

Phobia- I'm afraid of what inspired this!


I'm sure that's a popular therapy session!

Continuing fun with visas

As many of you may know, I (Rob) originally applied for a visa back in July of 2008.  There are have been many delays due to changes in immigration policy since then.  We have just received news from our immigration lawyer that the end may be in sight.  Apparently the immigration department is now working on applications from May of 2008.  That's right, it only 59 months to process an application!!  At this rate, I  should have a permanent residency visa in the next 2-3 months.  Unless immigration policy changes again :-(

17 April 2013

Doc's place

Just down the street from the hospital is the nearest fast food joint. Doc's Place. As expected, it serves the kind of food that puts people in hospital, eventually. Fat, starch, sugar food groups are all represented here. But I can't get on too big of a soap box, as it is not owned or run by the hospital or QHealth. And I have now been here for lunch twice. They do make a lovely fresh roast beef sandwich too. Nothing gets me more frustrated than seeing a hospital cafeteria with deep fried everything. Currently our new cafe in hospital has lots of caffeine,  fresh sandwiches and salads for lunches and a small section of sausage rolls and meat pies (this IS Australia after all). I hope it stays that way.

Speaking of food that puts people in hospital, Wendy's in Canada has just put out a "Ultimate Canadian Combo"  which includes a Baconator, poutine and a medium Coke weighs more than a kilogram and contains a cool 1,860 calories, 3,380mg of sodium and thanks primarily to the "medium" Coca-Cola, 17 teaspoons of sugar. Lord have mercy. Good thing I'm taking Advanced Life Support Training over the next two days, because between the diabetes and artherosclerosis, you might need it if you pack this away with any regularity.

14 April 2013

First block complete.

I have now been doctoring for 12 weeks, in General Medicine. That involves pretty much everything except legs and arms. OK, we did look after a few people with cellulitis on legs and arms. So Ok, mostly everything.... I have learned a lot. Filled in so much paperwork.  And enjoyed looking after my own patients. I had the privilege of applying my Palliative Care experience (So thankful that I took that as my elective last year!). We also saw most people get better and leave hospital. I can say I honestly love my job. Very grateful for the good team of nurses, wardies, Doctors and allied health that made it such a positive experience.
This is a lonely yet mysterious shrimp tail that lived on the 5th step of the flight of stairs between Gen Surg ward and Medical F2 ward. Apparently it was there a total of 15 weeks, and left this week. Why was it there? Where did it go? Why did it take so long to leave? Did it put up a fight? Will it ever return?  I will never know, as I am heading to Paediatrics, starting Monday morning. So many questions unanswered. 
Flu season struck Mackay Base Hospital early this year, with a number of deaths from Influenza A. For the love of peanut butter, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!  The above photo is Dr. Lee's approach to bird flu: Contain It! Picture taken at MBH ICU. 

03 April 2013

Easter adventures

  On the Easter long weekend our good friend Anne flew up from Brisbane for a visit.  We drove up to Airlie Beach on Friday and stayed over night at the Daydream Island Resort.  I've got some pictures up on the website.

  It was good to hang with Anne again, we got to chat and play a few games of "Settlers of Catan"

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02 April 2013

What time is it?

Time to get a new timer. This little guy sat too close to the burner while I was boiling potatoes for potato salad tomorrow. Oooooops