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14 April 2013

First block complete.

I have now been doctoring for 12 weeks, in General Medicine. That involves pretty much everything except legs and arms. OK, we did look after a few people with cellulitis on legs and arms. So Ok, mostly everything.... I have learned a lot. Filled in so much paperwork.  And enjoyed looking after my own patients. I had the privilege of applying my Palliative Care experience (So thankful that I took that as my elective last year!). We also saw most people get better and leave hospital. I can say I honestly love my job. Very grateful for the good team of nurses, wardies, Doctors and allied health that made it such a positive experience.
This is a lonely yet mysterious shrimp tail that lived on the 5th step of the flight of stairs between Gen Surg ward and Medical F2 ward. Apparently it was there a total of 15 weeks, and left this week. Why was it there? Where did it go? Why did it take so long to leave? Did it put up a fight? Will it ever return?  I will never know, as I am heading to Paediatrics, starting Monday morning. So many questions unanswered. 
Flu season struck Mackay Base Hospital early this year, with a number of deaths from Influenza A. For the love of peanut butter, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!!  The above photo is Dr. Lee's approach to bird flu: Contain It! Picture taken at MBH ICU. 

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