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29 April 2013

Out West

  Twice now, I've headed out west the Peak Downs Highway.  Both times have been for work.  The first time was all the way to Emerald to drop off a machine and pick up two more.  That trip involved a overnight stay in Emerald itself.  The last trip on 22 April, was to pick up a machine at one of the coal mines.  That time I was able to go there and back in a single day.  It was about 4 1/2 hour drive each way.  It's very lovely scenery out there and it makes for a lovely drive.  Driving a Volkswagen Transporter may not be the best vehicle to take, but it is okay.
  On the last trip I caught the tail end of a cattle muster using at least 3 horses and a helicopter.  Several times I had to pull over for wide loads.  When I say wide loads I mean WWIIIDDDEEE loads.  The truck take up both lanes and most of the shoulder.  You have to pull right off the raod to let them by.

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