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17 April 2013

Doc's place

Just down the street from the hospital is the nearest fast food joint. Doc's Place. As expected, it serves the kind of food that puts people in hospital, eventually. Fat, starch, sugar food groups are all represented here. But I can't get on too big of a soap box, as it is not owned or run by the hospital or QHealth. And I have now been here for lunch twice. They do make a lovely fresh roast beef sandwich too. Nothing gets me more frustrated than seeing a hospital cafeteria with deep fried everything. Currently our new cafe in hospital has lots of caffeine,  fresh sandwiches and salads for lunches and a small section of sausage rolls and meat pies (this IS Australia after all). I hope it stays that way.

Speaking of food that puts people in hospital, Wendy's in Canada has just put out a "Ultimate Canadian Combo"  which includes a Baconator, poutine and a medium Coke weighs more than a kilogram and contains a cool 1,860 calories, 3,380mg of sodium and thanks primarily to the "medium" Coca-Cola, 17 teaspoons of sugar. Lord have mercy. Good thing I'm taking Advanced Life Support Training over the next two days, because between the diabetes and artherosclerosis, you might need it if you pack this away with any regularity.

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