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30 October 2008

Condo is SOLD!!!!

Hallelujah!!! The Condo Sold on Sunday night, to a local investor who plans on flipping it.  I personally don't care what he does with it.  The close should be before we leave, and the weight is off our necks.  Thanks God!!  Rob and I cleaned the last remnant of things out last night. 
We also have gotten into a new habit- 80's movies night with a gang of friends.  Our choice was also on Sunday night, and so we went with "The Last Starfighter".  Unbelievably, they rented a CRAY for 6 months to do the computer rendering- which was incredible for the day, but laughable cheezy now. It's come a long way, baby.
Another new addiction- The Big Bang Theory. It's a sitcom about 4 geeks. The really, really sad part is that there hasn't been a scientific reference yet that I'm not familiar with in some way. My mind has been obviously warped by too much education. Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes. And if you too are a sucker for fun, dead languages, check out:
Rob also had good news this week: Panasonic is recinding his resignation. Which is fancy talk for "we are pretending we didn't see that". However, the office is still throwing him a party- only it's been changed from a going away party to a "Yay, you're staying" party. This is also my last week of work, and we are having a going away fete for me. Indian food. Yum.

25 October 2008

Things are going sideways….

Yup, it's official.  The folks in Adelaide, where visa decisions are made, let us know that Rob will not even recieve a case worker until April-ish.  Phooey.  At least they said he  could get a visitor's visa without screwing up his Permanent Resident visa application.  Good news is, he may be able to stay at Panasonic, even though he has already given his notice.   And I managaed to get him on the same flight home as Barb Doiron.  Then I have to get used to the idea of being married but apart for up to a year after that.  I may need to get a cat, just to have someone to come home to.
Aaaaaaand, nope, the condo still hasn't sold.  The bank has also let us know that they cannot squeeze any equity out of the mortgage.  Soooooo.....we may be leaving with no money to explore or get established.  A tad stressful, I must say.
And lastly, we have already been scammed out of $1000 when we attempted to put down a damage deposit on an apartment in Brisbane.
I am currently doing "believing God", a bible study with some ladies from my church.  I must say, the faith element is being tested in every-which-way this week.   Good thing God's in control and He loves us, 'cuz I would hate to see what God's hostility might look like.

Talking about hostility, check out this link:
Just a little happy thought for your day!!!!

14 October 2008

More Government Red Tape

  I just found out from Australian Immigration that they are currently processing applications from December 2007. That means at least 6 more months until I get my working visa. I will be going to Brisbane with Barb to help set up a house and such, but then I will be travelling back to Canada to work for a few more months.
I haven't decided what I will be doing for that time; maybe keep my old job at Panasonic, maybe go work up north for the winter, who knows.
I will be able to haul one extra load of luggage down :-)

10 October 2008

Travelin’ fools

This weekend is a big traveling weekend.  I took today off work and we are driving down to Innisfail to visit my (Rob's) mom.  For years now she has been going to the Odd & Unusual Auction every Easter and Thanksgiving to sell off a few birds and a few crafts.  Everytime we go down there it is always freezing, so I'm wearing long johns, wool socks and my nice warm Roots sweatshirt.

Tomorrow we are driving to Saskatoon for Gramma Harm's 90th birthday party.  Most of the Harms clan should be there.

We may also have sort sold our condo.  We have a guy that will lease the condo from us, rent it to someone else, who would then buy it then they get mortgage approval.  It is a bit convuluted but it may be a way to get out of the condo.  We are still gonna try to sell it too.  It would be quite nice to get it over and done with.

We may also be having some fun with our Australian visas.  I have to contact Oz immigrantion to make sure going down to visit in November won't mess up my work visa application.

04 October 2008

Last month of work…

Well it's now official, my last day of work is October 31. I gave my resignation letter this week. I've never quit a job without another one to go to. It's a bit wierd.
  Still haven't got my visa from Australia, which means I can't work when we get there. That sounds pretty good; hanging out at the beach, etc., but that paycheck thing comes in really handy.
  In other news, Barb's mom broke her foot yesterday. It's supposed to take about 6 weeks to heal. Luckily she isn't in much pain.