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30 October 2008

Condo is SOLD!!!!

Hallelujah!!! The Condo Sold on Sunday night, to a local investor who plans on flipping it.  I personally don't care what he does with it.  The close should be before we leave, and the weight is off our necks.  Thanks God!!  Rob and I cleaned the last remnant of things out last night. 
We also have gotten into a new habit- 80's movies night with a gang of friends.  Our choice was also on Sunday night, and so we went with "The Last Starfighter".  Unbelievably, they rented a CRAY for 6 months to do the computer rendering- which was incredible for the day, but laughable cheezy now. It's come a long way, baby.
Another new addiction- The Big Bang Theory. It's a sitcom about 4 geeks. The really, really sad part is that there hasn't been a scientific reference yet that I'm not familiar with in some way. My mind has been obviously warped by too much education. Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes. And if you too are a sucker for fun, dead languages, check out:
Rob also had good news this week: Panasonic is recinding his resignation. Which is fancy talk for "we are pretending we didn't see that". However, the office is still throwing him a party- only it's been changed from a going away party to a "Yay, you're staying" party. This is also my last week of work, and we are having a going away fete for me. Indian food. Yum.


  1. YAY!!!!!! I'm so glad for you guys!

    And we LOVE the Big Bang Theory too.

  2. way to go guys, you have been in our thoughts and prayers lots, i know our house is still not sold in Edmonton, thank goodness it is not our concern, whew. slowly getting use to Calgary these days, SLOWLY lol, i have been back to Edmonton a few times, and look forward to spending a week in December to help the end of Santas Anonymous campaign finish up :-)

    glad to see that Rob is having a "we knew you couldn't leave us" party :-)

    I LOVE the Big Bang Theory show, i don't know who i laugh more at sometimes.