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10 October 2008

Travelin’ fools

This weekend is a big traveling weekend.  I took today off work and we are driving down to Innisfail to visit my (Rob's) mom.  For years now she has been going to the Odd & Unusual Auction every Easter and Thanksgiving to sell off a few birds and a few crafts.  Everytime we go down there it is always freezing, so I'm wearing long johns, wool socks and my nice warm Roots sweatshirt.

Tomorrow we are driving to Saskatoon for Gramma Harm's 90th birthday party.  Most of the Harms clan should be there.

We may also have sort sold our condo.  We have a guy that will lease the condo from us, rent it to someone else, who would then buy it then they get mortgage approval.  It is a bit convuluted but it may be a way to get out of the condo.  We are still gonna try to sell it too.  It would be quite nice to get it over and done with.

We may also be having some fun with our Australian visas.  I have to contact Oz immigrantion to make sure going down to visit in November won't mess up my work visa application.

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