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07 December 2015

01 December 2015

Barb the Bikie Part 2

For those of you who might not know, Barb now has her RE class motorcycle licence.  She can now ride by herself without me "supervising" her.  Most times when she is working daylight hours, she rides to work.  Because we got her bike used, there wasn't any choice on colours and white was never her first love.  Last week we changed that.  It is now green.  Tree Frog Green as Barb calls it.  It is the same green as the Mazda 2 hatchbacks.  We painted the helmet and the top box to match.  The top box I also wired for signal, tail and brake lights.
  Eleven months ago Barb wasn't even sure she wanted to ride on the back of my bike and now she has a custom painted scooter!!!
  In other news, we now own an air compressor and a spray gun.  Once we move, we are planning on painting my bike and the car.

07 October 2015

23 September 2015

Barb the Bikie

  Back in February I finally convinced Barb to go biking with me.  She was pretty nervous to start off with.  (So was I nervous too, I've never driven with a passenger).  She even started to enjoy it and eventually bought her own helmet, jacket and gloves.

  Then back in July we saw were looking around online and saw the Piaggio scooters with three wheels.  She thought she would be comfortable riding a three wheeler. So about this time Barb headed over to the Queensland Transport website, took an online test and got her motorcycle learners license.  Unfortunately the Piaggios are almost $10,000.  We also looked at the CanAm Spyders but they were even more expensive.  Did a bit more digging around and found that Yamaha also makes a little three-wheel 125cc scooter called the Tricity. We found a used one at dealership on the Sunshine Coast.  On 1 August Barb became a motorcyclist.

Picking it up at the dealership.
Barb's first ever ride.
  So far we've done a bit of riding around Bundaberg, Barb with her yellow 'L' on the back and me riding behind "supervising".  We've gone to the Hill of Promise winery in Childers where we discover that the under-seat storage and hold 5 bottles of wine.  We went to Hervey Bay one weekend. Rode down Saturday morning, whale watched Saturday afternoon, camped overnight and rode back Sunday.
Camping in Hervey Bay

  Just this last weekend we did a Sunday afternoon drive through Bargara, Gin Gin and Childers.  We kept to the back-roads as much as possible because they are much more pleasant way to travel and you see interesting stuff.  On the way to Gin Gin we stopped at the Mystery Craters. They are just a bit bizarre.
Mystery Craters
Mystery Craters
Barb with her dinosaur at Mystery Craters
Cedars Road Crossing
Cedars Road Crossing
There is a section of road west of Childers that has some beautiful curves.  Apparently there have been some that taken them a bit too quickly.
Roadside flowers
Mystery Craters
Mystery Craters

As on most rides, Barb has Phil the Penguin as a companion.  If the wind catches him right, this little flippers flap in the breeze.

30 August 2015

01 July 2015

Wildlife of Central Queensland

I have just uploaded a new video to YouTube.  This time is is the wildlife we saw around Longreach. :

29 June 2015

Venus & Jupiter

Tonight the planets  of Venus and Jupiter and very close in the sky. Close enough in fact to get both of them in the same camera shot even with my telephoto lens. (Plus a bonus moon shot).  The Moon and the planets where all shot a the same zoom, so it shows the planets are not much more than a Moon's width apart.

Longreach and Winton

I just uploaded a video of some of the attraction around Longreach and Winton. Barb & I took a few days off and drove 10 hours inland to see. There were dinosaurs and airplanes; what's not to love?

Winton is kinda interesting.  It is a small town of less than 1000 people, but gave Australia both the airline Qantas and the song "Waltzing Matilda".  The first board meeting for Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service) was held in Winton, and them immediately decided to move to Longreach which was located at the end of the rail line. Waltzing Matilda was written on a cattle property near Winton and was first preformed in the town.

12 May 2015

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I have just uploaded a new video to YouTube. :

Our visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with Janet & Stan.

24 April 2015

Naptime is the best time

I have a few days off. Trying to study for a revision course next week. Rosie has a better idea:

28 March 2015

No Lotus for me

I've been a Lotus fan since high school.  Orginally with Esprit Turbo and now I really like the current Elise. Went to Lotus Brisbane to check them out.  Unfortunately I barely fit in them.  With the top up, my hair brushes the roof.  Also with the top up you basically have to fold yourself into the car. Getting in top down isnt to bad. I'm not pretty sure I couldn't convince Barb to get a used one as our next car.  😕

22 March 2015

Moving to Bundy

Hi all.  It is March already and we haven't blogged anything since New Years Eve.  A lot has happened since then.

  First off, Barb returned from her 5 month stint at the Thursday Island Hospital.

  Then, one week later on the Australia Day long weekend, we moved to Bundaberg.  We ended up renting a truck and took two trips back and forth between Mackay & Bundaberg (about 8 hrs each way).

Leaving Mackay
Near Rockhampton we followed a truck that was transporting a steam engine.
Barb got to drive the truck too.
We did run into a bit of rain too.
  We moved into a nice house in Innes Park about 10km east of Bundaberg.  We live about 500m from the ocean. 

More to come...