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20 January 2014

Now officially a bikie

Over the weekend I took the QRide course and passed.  Today I was able to get to Queensland Transport and upgrade my license to a RE.  I then went to the Bullet Bikes and picked up my new bike.
  After supper I went for a short bike ride and ended up driving over a 110km, oops.  I drove to beach at Seaforth because I had never been there.  I literally ran into hundreds of bugs.  I don't think I have ever seen more insects flying about.
  I had a blast.  This bike thing is a good idea.

19 January 2014

Barb is back in town

  As of Sunday, Barb has finished to 10 weeks in Proserpine.  For those how don't know, Prossie is a small town about 1 3/4 hours drive north of Mackay near the Whitsunday Island.  Barb has been working in the Emergency department.  Last night she finished her last shift.

  To celebrate her arrival back in Mackay, we went to the Emeio Pacific Pub for supper.  It is a nice little place on a clifftop overlooking the Pacific.

  It is good to have her back.

  She has now finished her last as an intern and she is now a fully registered doctor.  She now begins her job as a JHO (Junior House Officer) at the Mackay Base Hospital.

12 January 2014

New Motocycle

On Saturday I bought a motorbike.  I've been looking for quite some time now.  It is a 2013 CFMoto 650TK (website).  Our tax refund finally came in, so we have the money for a down payment.  We have applied for financing and should hopefully know by Monday.  Next Saturday I am taking the QRide training course which means I'll be able to actually get my bike license.  Kinda excited.  :-)

Update: Financing went through okay.  Just have to sign the paperwork.