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29 July 2008

Watching paint dry

coffee-thumb.gifYAY!!!! the painting is finished, and the house almost looks pre-hurricane again.  I just got back in from SK, where I went to see my 89 yr old grandma Harms.  She still has a sharp sense of humour, and a not so sharp sense of spatial relations.  Her 90th birthday party is scheduled for October, so my aunt Anita, my mom and I went shopping for an outfit for her.  Then the debate was whether to give it to her now, or wait until just before the party.  The motivator for the conversation was the fact that she had worn the pajamas that Anita had bought for Mother's day 24/7 for a week.  There's gratitude, and then there's Grandma H.  All in all, we had a lovely time.  Also had a chance to watch the chick-flick Mama-Mia with the gals.  Fun and goofy to the max.  What floors me is how many songs they actually shoehorned into the movie!
I have also placed our imminent garage sale on Kijiji for the  September long weekend.  it will be the Gramma of all garage sales. All the junk is basically weeded out already.  And monster cookies.  They are a Klassen garage sale tradition- we must sell cookies (and coffee- cookies are nothing without coffee- see above graphic)!!!
Now we need to list the place.
Rob showed me the stats- people are actually reading the blog- mental note: must write with some regularity.
Thanks for checking it out!

16 July 2008

Camping in a garage sale….

Rob and my best bud Barb Doiron worked like crazy while I was in BC, and now the entire house worth of stuff is in the living room, including the bed.  it sort of reminds me of a sleepover, but in you crazy aunt's attic, filled to the rafters with stuff. It's actually not bad, and it hasn't driven me crazy yet.
I can see clearly now, my astigmatism's gone.... Apparently, I now have 20/20 vision, as does Rob. However, I keep reaching for my glasses in the morning(which aren't there), or thinking that I've forgot them somewhere and I had better find them.  I wonder how long that will take to wear off, since I've worn glasses since grade one. we had our surgeries done at LasikMD (  It was much less traumatic than I expected, seeing as they're almost slicing your cornea off, and then resurfacing it with burning lasers. Hooray for Ativan!!!! It's actually kind of cool, the glasses are collected as the patients leave surgery, and then donated to relief organizations that help people who otherwise have no access to an optometrist, or couldn't afford glasses, even if they could get someone to check their eyes.  So hopefully my old glasses will help someone else!
Rob and I had the chance to have coffee with a couple from Beulah Alliance that had lived a year in Ipswich, about 1/2 hour out of Brisbane.  Thanks Trix and Jake!!!  The biggest thing I take away from the information: It DOES actually get cold!  Trix had wished she had brought her gloves along!  Mmmmkay.  don't ditch ALL the sweaters when we pack! They also had many recommendations of stuff to see and do, besides the obvious tourist stuff. Apparently they explored so much that they both lost a ton of weight!  So there's always hope for me!

14 July 2008

Weekends over

Well here it is Sunday night.  It's been a fairly productive few days.

Barb went to visit her new niece in BC this week (and her sister Julie and her husband Brian).  She flew down Sunday and back Friday. We've got a bunch of pictures up at the website

On Wednesday & Thursday,  Barbra Doiron came over and helped me clear out my study and move all the furniture in to the living room.  So now the bed is in the living room with sofas and chairs stacked around it.  Peter Martin is coming over later this week to pain the bedroom, study, bathroom & hallway.  Next week we get to then move all the furniture to the back of the condo.

On Saturday, Barb got her eyes burned out with lasers.   The Lasik surgery seems to have gone quite well.

I also have been able to get a few more pictures up on the website.  It's now after 10 and time to go to bed.

04 July 2008

Happy Canada Day (a day late)

Kathy and Barb chillin at the Greens
This past weekend we had a chance to visit our dear friends from CBC days, Jorin and Dorothy Green.  They are pretty much family!  Unfortunately, things went a little sideways while Kathy (their 5 year old, who has been diagnosed with leukemia) spiked a fever. In normal people, this isn't a serious thing. You go to bed, get some rest, and feel better tomorrow. But Kathy has no innate immune function, so even a cold could be fatal. She and her dad ran for Saskatoon's pediatric oncology department, and Rob and I took Michael and Dorothy home. We then drove the 9 hours back to Edmonton from Pambrun on the 1st of July. Please pray for this family. The whole story is at This site gets enough internet traffic to actually be rated!! Jorin very kindly offered to use the exposure to help advertise our condo for sale.
Ahhh.... yes. the condo. We are attempting to have it painted. This is NOT an easy thing while all your stuff is still in it. So all the paintings, curtains, etc have to come down, and we will be moving all the stuff from one side to the place and back again to accommodate the process.
Our Schro has successfully left the building, and the city. She is finding a new home in Calgary, if Scott can convince her to come out of hiding. I guess she's still in shock. I almost though I heard her meow this morning.
I guess this was our last Canada Day in Canada for a while. We did manage to have a pint of Molson Canadian in honour. It'll be funny to think that by next Canada Day, drinking the same thing will probably be an expensive import!