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14 July 2008

Weekends over

Well here it is Sunday night.  It's been a fairly productive few days.

Barb went to visit her new niece in BC this week (and her sister Julie and her husband Brian).  She flew down Sunday and back Friday. We've got a bunch of pictures up at the website

On Wednesday & Thursday,  Barbra Doiron came over and helped me clear out my study and move all the furniture in to the living room.  So now the bed is in the living room with sofas and chairs stacked around it.  Peter Martin is coming over later this week to pain the bedroom, study, bathroom & hallway.  Next week we get to then move all the furniture to the back of the condo.

On Saturday, Barb got her eyes burned out with lasers.   The Lasik surgery seems to have gone quite well.

I also have been able to get a few more pictures up on the website.  It's now after 10 and time to go to bed.

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