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10 May 2010

Accident Prone

This weekend Barb & I were test subjects for a first responder training course.  We basically had to fake injuries and let the class decide how we would be treated.  So over the weekend I:
  • got strapped to a spine board several times
  • facial burns lighting a BBQ
  • crashed my bicycle into a car
  • got shot with a gun in a mall parking lot
  • got hit over the head with a pool cue in a bar fight
  • fell down the stairs drunk
  • got paralyzed by a falling cylinder at work
  • got kicked in the kneecap by a horse.

    It was kind fun pretending to be hurt.  The easiest one was the bar fight because I was unconscious. Plus, I made $60.

    Crash Test Dummies 2 Crash Test Dummies 1

    In the real world I Barb & I went to the Mother's Day run & walk.  I ran the 8km in 1:02:47.  Barb did the walk.  I didn't really train much for it and now I hurt.  The race course was here (Opens Google Earth)

    Mother’s Day Race

    I have started a new enterprise since this job hunting thing isn't going so well.  I've been making custom keyboards in a Steampunk style.  The first two items are now up on Ebay.  The website is at

    Babbage’s Emporium

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