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27 April 2010

April stuff

Yup. So the last few weeks have been pretty busy with actual medicine. (I know you all think we just frolic by the sea all day every day, but it just ain't so) First, I did a video recording with an actor. This was to practice giving bad news. His character's wife had just been in a bad car crash, and I was the one to tell him this and deal with the response. They make us do this so that we won't be complete idiots and scar people for life. Which ends up happening a lot (they've only recently put how to break bad news in the curriculum. Before that, doctors just had to "wing it"). People never forget how and when their world falls apart. The scenario I was given was quite relevant, as a very similar thing happened during my elective in Bundaberg, only it was parents of a young adult that were informed. Glazed looks of helplessness. All the colour drained from their faces. Wanting to know, but not hearing the responses. It was gut wrenching to watch. The patient survived and recovered fully, but I will always remember the dark place of in-between, of not knowing how things will turn out, and having to walk with families through it. So yes- I think this was definitely a valuable exercise. The next day I sat the first exam of the year. It was short and sweet, and fair (I'll get back to you on that bit). To celebrate the end of that heavy week, Rob, myself and a few med friends went out for dinner and a movie to unwind. We wanted to see KickAss, but as it was sold out, we saw Clash of the Titans. It was fun and mindless, and mostly a waste of digital memory. Then we enjoyed bubble tea and took a walk. Then went home and slept for 12 hours....

We are now moving on from lungs to livers this week. The liver does everything, so be nice to yours, K?

Oh! and I did an ENT workshop (Ear, Nose, Throat). I ended up being the volunteer for a nasopharygoscopy. I'm just stupid that way, I guess. This means they squirted my throat and nose with lidocaine, which tastes like Benadryl mixed with bits of sheer hell. And then the doc passed a flexible scope across the floor of my nose, down the back of my throat and into my larynx. I got to see my own vocal cords! Very cool, and apparently they are lovely, as vocal cords go.... The pic is approximately what you could see.
a normal larynx
If you aren't squeamish, you can see it being done (on someone else) at

Rob has started creating customized keyboards, as his job prospects don't seem to be improving. They are of a "Steampunk" style, and I think they look pretty snazzy! The website is if you want to have a peek at his work. If you know anybody interested in one, feel free to pass it on or make requests to Rob.
This past weekend was ANZAC day here. It is like Remembrance Day for Canadians, but to especially acknowledge the Australian and New Zealand soldiers. It is nice to see they actually take it fairly seriously, and close everything for the day. "Under Hill 60" was released this weekend as well, and is an Aussie war story. If you like war stories, "Passchendale", which was released in 2008 in Canada was also a good one.
I am thiiiiiss close to finishing an assignment (ahead of schedule!) so I will sign off for now!

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  1. Those keyboards are Super Cool Rob!
    Finn's had a couple nasopharygoscopies, Barb. But she didn't get any kind of numbing agent. He just stuck the tub down her nose... which I suppose was good practice for when she was tubefed later. Poor kid.