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03 April 2010

Website updates

For those of you who haven't checked out our website lately, there are a lot of changes.  First of all, the whole look has changed.  I also uploaded the last three months worth of pictures. And lastly, there are the instructions and photos of Barb's new Steampunk computer

I've also had a few adventures:  On the 24th, a few friends and I climbed Mt Ngungun at 4:30 in the morning.  We were at the peak in time to watch the sunrise over the Pacific.  Absolutely beautiful.  It was great to hang out with some great new people.  We spent a few hours at the summit, and then went to Maleny for breakfast and to browse the shops.  It is a very hippie touristy kind of place.

I've also been out to the beach twice this last week.  Barb & I were out at Wellington Point last Sunday.  At low tide, there is a narrow sand-spit that takes you out to King Island.  There was a little grove of Mangrove trees on the island.  The tide was rising as we came back in, and had to walk the last little bit in about 30cm of water.  By the time we left the point, there was no land left out to the island.  Tuesday Barb had to go down to Surfer's Paradise (yes that is the real name).  She was at a pain conference where she was a subject for displaying a new ultrasound machine.  While she did that, I wandered around town, spent some time on the beach, and got sunburned.  It was interesting to watch the surfers, not something this prairie boy has had a chance to watch much.  There was some pretty good waves.

I'm still job hunting.  It is harder than I originally imagined.  There are several jobs that are over the 20hours/week that Immigration is limiting me to.  Barb & I are going to try to apply for permanent resident status.  They changed the rules at the school and she can be a foreign student and an Australian resident (she has to keep paying the foreign tuition rate). We might qualify if we apply together and it is much faster to get if you are in-country rather than abroad.  We'll see how it goes, but your prayers are much welcomed on the matter.

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