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26 January 2012

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

The title means "Sound mind in a healthy body".  Now that the weather is getting hotter and/or it is raining buckets, exercising outside is not my favourite thing anymore.  But I am not one of those folks who succumbs to making New Year's resolutions like a politician pre-election.  I make resolutions that I will genuinely enjoy, such as "Only buy tomatoes that taste good" or "have a massage after each rotation block ends".  This year's resolution is to try more kinds of cheeses.   See how it works?  So much easier to keep, and boosts my Vitamin Me.  I blame Stewart McLean for this happy tradition.
So entirely unrelated to New Year's, I joined a gym this week, SnapFitness. It's a 24 hr gym, so always open for my weird hours. Also about a block form our place, so not hard to get to.  So far, so good. I am hoping to exercise every other day on most weeks.  I find it puts more bounce in my step, and keeps the brain clearer. Even if I never lose a pound (although that'd be good too).  The following video had a big impact on my thinking on exercise and it's place in my life.

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