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24 June 2008

So much to do…oo…ooo…….

Yup, we're moving.  So really, if you wanna condo, I'm your gal!

I graduated from the University of Alberta on June 9th.  Rob should be linking up some photos soon, if you want to see!
We are busy people at the moment: packing/sorting/storing/junking stuff as we prepare to sell our place (where DID all this stuff come from???)  We will also be saying goodbye to Schrodinger, our cat, next week, as a friend (Thanks, Scott!) has generously offered her a new home.  You would not believe the rigamarole that the Aussie gov't wants to put you and your unfortunate pet through to bring an animal into the country.  So, to save the $3000.00 and unspeakable grief to the cat (who must spend 24-36 hours in a sealed cage with her own waste!) We decided to leave her here. *Sniff* :(
The bank just approved our student line of credit (YAY!!!) and so I guess this is really happening.
If anyone knows a cheap way to ship small amounts of stuff, we'd love to hear about it.

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