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10 September 2008

Garage Sale Aftermath

The garage sale was a success, I think. When we started, we had enough stuff in there that no one could maneuver from the front to the back of the garage.  In the end, we still had some stuff left, but you could probably park a car in there again.  It is slightly strange to watch your life walk out the door, little bit by haggled down bit.  Three weeks in, the three of us are all still friends.  Barb has two cats as well, and the male has decided to make his mark on anything that belongs to Rob.  So far I've caught him right away, and he has only marked stuff that can be washed with bleach.  He's also diabetic, and requires insulin injections  morning and evening.  I have to say that I have a certain sadistic glee in stabbing him when it's my turn to do so.  The other cat is a beautiful siamese, who, aside from the breed specific neediness, is a gem.
Still waiting for the condo to sell......We've dropped the price by ten thousand.  Soon would be good.....
The Glenrose has continued to fill my days with shifts, so that is positive!

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