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09 June 2009

I’m in a land down under…

Well, here I am in Australia again.  We have two weeks here,  one week in New Zealand and then back home to Canada to wait for my Australian visa.

The flight left Thursday afternoon and went through San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Auckland.  Arriving in Brisbane Saturday morning.  It was really great to see Barb again.

Saturday we basically recovered from jet lag.

Sunday we went to St John's Anglican Catherderal for church.Next was an afternoon nap, aahhhh.  Sunday night Barb organized a "Meet the Rob" party where several of her friends came to mee the this "Rob" guy she keeps talking about.  Mom came along and this was her first time ever at a pub.  It will also probably be here last time ever at a pub.  It was cool to actually meet the people I've seen pictures of and heard Barb talk about.

Monday  we went to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary and say, you guesses it, koalas.  We also saw kangaroos, walabes, crocodiles, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I'll try to get some pictures online asap.

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