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19 September 2009

Help! I’m being Aussified!!!

On the drive to school today, I said out loud, "I hope I can find a park...." And stopped myself. It came out without thinking, and it is exactly how the Aussies would say they hope they find a parking spot. So I am absorbing (or being absorbed) into the Aussie culture. Some other things I have caught myself saying or thinking:
How ya going?= How are you?
Sunnies= Sunglasses
Arvo= afternoon
Esky= Cooler (as in Colemans)
Brilliant!= Awesome!
Beyond the Black Stump= the Boondocks
Bogan= Trailer trash
Bottle Shop= Liquor store
Winge= whine
Macca's= McDonald's
Sparkie= Electrician
Postie= Mail Carrier, or the dirtbikes they ride on the sidewalks
Truckie= Truck driver
Bull bar=Moose rack
Ute= think the old "el Camino" half truck-half car. For some reason they are popular here.
Try= Goal in a game
Panel beaters= (car) body shop
Uni= University
Sister= Nurse (I still don't know what they call male nurses yet)
Feeling crook= feeling sick
bub= baby/toddler
dunny= toilet or (more usually)outhouse
stuffed= broken
hire=rent (unless it's a place, then it's still rent)
lollies=candy (including chocolate)
TimTams= fabulousness incarnate!!!

In other news, the cat, Apollyon, has had a growth on the inside of her cheek since June. I thought it had to do with losing her baby teeth and getting her adult teeth in. The growth persisted, however, and when I did some PubMed searching (how researchers Google), I found that most oral growths in cats are malignant. Yikes! So I took her to the vet, who after examining her thought it was very strange, and didn't look like a cancer or anything else he had ever seen. So he pumped Polly full of antibiotics and an antiinflamatory to see if it would reduce. It didn't, and so today Apollyon had mouth surgery. I just got back with her. She is doped up on morphine and feeling NO PAIN.........
My wallet, on the other hand, is in pain. $400 worth. Ooog. Expensive cats should come with a warranty...

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