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12 November 2010

Pirates and Ninjas Agree... Cowboys Suck.

YAY, We are now on the other side of those monstrous exams!
MSAT went OK, but not great
First day writing was terrible (Anatomy section: Name all the ligaments in your ankle, and how they attach to everything. Don't worry, we will entirely ignore your knowledge of muscle origins, insertions, blood supplies and innervation. We never hinted once to focus your study on ligaments. Sucker.)
Second day of writing was good, and third day was also good. So hopefully it will come out in the wash. Which would make me a third year med student. YAY! only 749 days to graduation!

Just to mess with people, the whole class (via FB) decided to write our very last exam dressed as either pirates or ninjas. It was very fun, and the confused looks on the invigilators' faces made it so sweet. I think the pirates outnumbered the ninjas (the ones you could see, anyways). After the exam, we all met at the Regatta (the meddie's favourite pub) for some celebration. It was such a relief to not think about the JONES criteria for Rheumatic heat disease or the pathophysiology of Parkinson's.
That night, Rob and helped process boxes for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. There were at least a gazillion, but it was good to go and help out.
The next day, I filled out the paperwork to officially become a Christmas elf for Australia Post. I will be working in one of the mail processing centres to sort the extra mail that comes through during the holidays.
So that's the scoop so far this week.

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