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15 February 2011

Happy St Maro's Day!

I have never liked Valentine's Day. When I was little it was always a source of childhood angst if you didn't get as many cards as you gave out, or if you forgot someone! When I was older and single, it just reminded me of my singleness and how very obviously "something was wrong with you if you are on your own!" And even after meeting and marrying the love of my life, V Day just seems like emotional blackmail and overpriced consumerism. So we boycott it. Long ago and far away, my friends Jenn Dietrich and Reade Holtslander were clever enough to discover that there was another Catholic saint who shares the same feast day, Feb 14. But he NEVER gets any press. He was a monk in the 4th century, living in Syria, and a contemporary and friend of St. John Chrysostom (who wrote "The Dark Night of the Soul")
Sooo unfair. So instead of buying each other ridiculously priced dead flowers or chocolate, we wish each other a Happy St. Maro's Day, and keep loving each other just like any other day.
Happy St. Maro's Day to everyone!

Barb and Rob

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  1. Yes, I remember that well. We were all single then as I recall. We had a big pot of corn chowder and enjoyed ourselves immensely without the guilt and feeling no lack.