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15 May 2011

Happy 42nd

   As may of you know, last Tuesday was my (Rob's) 42nd birthday.  For those of you who are familiar with Douglas Adam's " The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", you know that 42 is a important number.  So, for this year Barb threw me a Hitchhiker's theme party.
  On my actually birthday, Barb, Anne & I watched the HHGG movie and had black forest birthday cake.  Yummy.  (There is a few pieces still in the fridge if anybody wants some).
View more Sea World photos
  On Friday night Barb and I went to the Gold Coast and stayed overnight at the Sea World Resort.  And on Saturday morning we had breakfast and headed to Sea World.  Here we met up with Anne, Amy, Eleasa and Nathan.  We watched the dolphin show (twice), saw the penguin feeding, petted rays, saw the penguin enclosure...  All in all, a fun filled day.  (See photos)
  And for the encore, we wrapped up the evening with a lovely dinner with friends at Bella Cosi, which has the best Italian food we've had since our trip to Europe in 2002.  (See photos).

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