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06 October 2011

Taking the train and spending big bucks.

  Right now I'm sitting on the train heading home from work. I took the scooter to work this morning, but sometime today the rear tyre went flat. It is raining now and I really don't feel like either waiting for RACQ to come or to fix it myself.  I'll take transit to work tomorrow and see about fixing the tyre then.
  The Australian federal government has a funding program where they are trying to get 1 computer for every year 9-12 student by the end of the year.  Between the two schools that I work at, I spending over $50,000 on new computers.  I've never bought that much of anything before (except houses). Hope I don't screw up.
  Like all government programs the terms are hard to understand for anybody except lawyers.  The money for buying computers is in a different pot than for buying Windows & Office. It also can be used for projectors, servers or storage cabinets; the possibilities are endless.
  Interesting times ahead.

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