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28 April 2012

Getting my geek on.

For the first time in several days I have a decent Internet connection. I can now tell all you fine folk what I have been up to.
  Today was the first day of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. This wasn't the only reason for my trip to Canada, but it was the reason I am doing it now.
  My friend Tavia and I where able to meet several of the Star Trek The Next Generation actors. First was Wil Wheaton. He was at a convention last weekend in Gold Coast, so we were able to chat about Australia.  He loved the Koala Sanctuary and Morton Island. He's not such a big fan of the Gold Coast, but neither am I.
  We were also able to meet Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spinner. Brent was very chatting.  We also got a photo taken with Wil Wheaton.
  Tomorrow is our big photo op day.  Hopefully we will also get to see a bit more of the expo.
  Most of this week was in Deadwood. I spent some time with Mom and was able to fix up her computer.  I was also able to scan a pile of my baby pictures which I'll post later. Wednesday night I spent with my sister Barb visiting and sorting REA contracts by land location.  The rural electrification area was having a big meeting the next day and she had taken some work home.
  Also visited Tavia where I got to bottle  feed a lamb and haul firewood.  The lamb was more fun.
  Last weekend was spent visiting my inlaws.  I helped Susan buy an new computer and set it up for her. (I'm seeing a computing theme).
  The mid week was spent in Martensville, Saskatchewan.  I went to visit my adorable 3 year old niece Hunter. My brother Rick happened to be there too. ;-)  It was a good chance to see Rick, Tracey, Jackson and Hunter. While in the area I got to visit the Krahns; Aunt Carol, Uncle Neil plus Christopher and Daniel.  My Brahma hat barely escaped Neil's clutches.
  The first weekend in Canada was spent visiting old friends.  We even had a Skype party at Barbra's so Barb could get in on the action.
  So far everything is going so fast.  I haven't been able to see everyone that I wanted to see, but it has been great to see so many.
  We are planning to both be coming back to Canada next June for my nephew Trevor's wedding to Amanda.  Hopefully we can see you all then.

(Photos and videos to follow as soon as I can)

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