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14 January 2013

Moved to Mackay!

Rob and I have survived the move North, with minimal casualties. We ended up renting a container and coercing some friends to help pack it on the Brisbane end, On Saturday January 5. We have some VERY lovely friends, who are willing to work for pizza! A big thanks to them!

Then off we drove on January 7th with two kitties in tow.
They behaved themselves extremely well. Rosie basically hid and napped in the cat carrier, and Polly wanted to be in the passenger side watching everything go by.

First day we got as far as Rockhampton, because we needed to recharge the air conditioning the morning we left. (one does not wish to drive in the tropics in summer without A/C if at all possible.) We actually found a hotel that was pet friendly, Ambassador Hotel. The next morning we drove to Mackay and picked up the keys to our new place. That night, we honoured the Klassen moving tradition, which means the first meal eaten in a new place is Kentucky Fried Chicken, while sitting on the floor. This tradition goes back to when my family moved into the house we had when I was 5.

That night we slept in our bedroom on an air mattress, as our container would not arrive until the next day. We managed to unload the entire thing with just the two of us in 5 hours. We were VERY grateful to climb into our own bed that night! Mom and Dad Klassen sent us a lovely bouquet to welcome us to our new home.

I was so happy to have a kitchen again. It's large enough that I have cupboards with nothing in them yet!

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