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17 February 2013

We are now DINKS.

  DINKS as in double income no kids.  For the first time in about 9 years, Barb and I both got paid from full-timer permanent employment.  It is very nice to have money in the bank again.

  The week before last I started at job as a service technician at Think Office Technology.

  They had just recently bought the local Canon dealer as well so there is a bit of chaos as everything is smushed together.  So far the people seem pretty good and I have been enjoying working again.  As part of the chaos I've been switched around company vehicles.  In the last 8 days I've had three different cars.
Volkswagen Transporter
Hyundia i30
Mazda Tribute

  It will be interesting to see what I actually end up with.  I have spend most of the last week and a half going out on calls with some of the guys, helping with installs and tiding up the shop.  Monday & Tuesday they want me in the shop answering phones etc.  At least it hasn't been monotonous  :-).

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