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27 June 2013

Jack's Drive In

Today I had the chance to hit Jack's Drive In at Spruce Grove and have an ice cream. Oh, the memories! And the good ice cream! My family moved to Spruce Grove when I was 4 years old. Jack's had already been there and was known for it's fantastic ice cream, burgers, fried perogies (this is Ukrainian settled country) and now deep fried pickles?!??
Jack's was always a spot we'd always hit in summer months, walking, on bikes, in the car, or even running (our last day of gym class for my jr high days, we ran to Jack's from Woodhaven for ice cream, then ran back.)
Today I found out that they have now celebrated 50 years in the same place. Neat stuff, and uncommon these days. There was still a line up at the counter for ice cream- it's still going strong!

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