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06 October 2013

News for September and October

Baby Kangaroo (click for more pics)
  We are now on the Sunday of a three day holiday weekend.  Monday is Labour Day, it was moved from May to spread out the public holidays more evenly over the year.  Yesterday we were heading into town to go to the butcher.  We were looking for a turkey for our regular Thanksgiving party next weekend.  As we were crossing the bridge we saw some people rafting on the river and a gathering at part on River Street.  We decided to take a look.  While there we saw a booth for the wild animal rescue society.  They had baby kangaroos, wallabies and possums.  One of the local art galleries was also wrapped in knitting. After the park we did get to the butcher, and did get a turkey for Thanksgiving next weekend.
Eungella at night (more pics)

  A couple of weeks back we went camping at Eungella National Park.  We tried an experiment.  We put a queen sized air mattress in the back of my work van (a VW Caddy).  It worked quite well except that when we left Mackay it was 27 degrees C, but overnight it got down to 7C.  We did not pack enough blankets for such temperatures.  Nearly froze by morning. While there we did get a fleeting glimpse at a platypus, saw several turtles and of course, bush turkeys.  In the morning the clouds were below the height of the range, so we got to see a cloud covered Pioneer Valley and beautiful sunlit clouds.  (Pictures are here)


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