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22 August 2008

Baby, you MOVE me…..

Yup, we're about to move house.  The condo got posted on MLS last Thursday, and so far 1 no show is all that's happened.  However, the place looks and smells wonderful!! On Saturday, Rob, Barb D, Pete M and myself will be attempting to move everything to Barb's place.  This is in anticipation of our Mondo Garage sale happening next weekend.  (No really, if you need stuff, we GOT stuff).  We've already sold a few pieces of furniture, and will be delivering them tomorrow as well.  I've hauled off a ton of stuff to the ECO station, and bequeathed all my spices and frozen raspberries to the Martins (use them in good health!) Yes, we realize an empty place makes you look desperate to potential buyers.... but I guess you could say that's only too true.  We just don't want to drag out the pain... ya know what I'm sayin'?
So, I think we'll have a quiet last supper at the condo, and keep packing!

Rob has finally submitted the last (of many)documentation necessary for his visa.  Please pray it arrives soon after this.  My visa is slightly cheaper and faster, since it's a student visa, and I already have an enrollment number with UQ.  So, I guess more paperwork awaits.  Theoretically, though, the hard part is over!

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