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17 August 2008

Fun in the Sun

Rob and I spent a week on holiday with our good friend, Barb D.  We took the long way through the mountains to Vancouver, and visited with Amy V, Sherry H, Dawn and Stew C, and Neil and Wendy K.  godd times and excellent weather was had by all. The MAIN reason, however, was the Abbottsford International Airshow.  We watched planes for 9 hours, including the Snowbirds and a crazy dude who landed his plane on a runway the length of a pickup truck.  Rob has posted the photos for those that want the condensed version of the day (Pics Here).  despite the use of 60spf sunscreen, we both burnt a lovely radioactive red.  But good times, nonetheless.
Our condo is now listed on mls.  Here's hoping someone wants it, and soon.  We are moving all our stuff to Barb's garage next weekend to get ready for the garage sale, so it will be ready for immediate possession.  We will then be living with Barb D for the remainder of our time here in Edmonton, which is actually a hair over 3 months. Eeek!

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