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07 November 2008

The Farewell tour begins

As I write this, there are only 8 days left in Canada.  We arranged for Friday October 31 as our last day of work.  Julie, Brian and Kaylee flew in from Victoria so the Klassen clan could spend a few days together.  There was lots of baby time, beef eating and good memories.  We had family portraits done, and didn't even want to kill each other by the end.  Tuesday we left Stony Plain to go to Pambrun, SK, where our friends the Greens live.  We attended CBC together, and have stuck close as family ever since.  Jorin is a prof at Miller College there, and we were able to sit in one of his classes- and even able to tell our story.  We were also able to accompany Kathy and Dorothy to Swift Current hospital for another set of bloodwork.  Kathy is 6 and has been battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) for most of this year. If you would like the full story from their perspective, check out   It has snowed!!! I was sincerely hoping that we would get some of the white stuff before we left.  It may be the last I see for quite some time! Tomorrow we turn north and drive 15 hrs to Deadwood (1 hr north of Peace River, AB) to spend some time with the Bradshaw bunch.  We should be returning to Edmonton on the 11th, and then there are only a million things to get done.  There is a showing happening this weekend with the condo, and my parents have been gracious enough to show it for us. So feel free to pray about it!

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