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30 November 2008

It’s been an expensive week….

Yup, so now we have a flat.  On a swank street, close to everything.  And it's a heritage building, so the ceilings are high with beautiful plaster mouldings and antique doorknobs.  And in spite of that, it has new windows, carpet, appliances and kitchen counters/cupboards.  So we're pretty happy with it.  Between damage deposit and prepaying 5 weeks rent, that dented the finances.  Then we turned in the rental car and bought a car.  Cash.  You can image what kind of car I can afford to pay cash for.  It's an old, battleship grey-blue Toyota stationwagon of a certain vintage.  I have named it the HMS Destroyer.  It is ugly as sin, but it runs very smoothly, and the A/C works well.  Good enough for now.  We hit all the Op-shops (Like Salvation Army) that we could, and ended up hitting Ikea for the last bits.  So we have settled in.  Today we basically stayed home and relaxed, as we have been shopping like fools all week.

I have also set up and registered for my courses today.  Not much choice so far, I'm afraid.  Everyone goes through the same cattle shute.   But at least things are in motion for the semester.

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  1. so you have a home, when do you get the Cat?