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25 January 2009

One Week Down, 33 to Go….

I have now finished my first week as a medical student. And no, it still doesn't feel quite real yet.  We had yet more "welcome to the program...blah, blah, blah".  But we actually got in about 5 real lectures as well.  Almost everything we take up in lectures and practical sessions springs from a learning "case" that is presented in small groups of about 10.  This week we are dealing with a drunk driver that has hit a tree and is spurting blood from his left thigh.  This brings up the anatomy of the femoral triangle and cardiovascular system, the physiology concepts of homeostasis and shock, and the legal aspects of duty of care, and lastly the treatment with IV fluids.  We are also into histology pracs which, so far, are dealing more with tissue types than anything else.  I'm sure they'll find a way to tie it into the case later.
We are generally out of the flat by shortly after 7 am, and get back by 5:30.  So a fairly long day by most undergrad standards, and then there is the expansion of concepts that has to happen after that at home.  But it's not all work.  Brady and I are currently caught up with BigBangTheory, and have moved on to Corner Gas, season 5.  I also bought a TREK 70 bike on Tuesday, and hope to be riding to classes regularly.  The last few days it has been raining wombats and 'roos, so I have been sticking to the bus.  Speaking of kangaroos, the gov't of Australia is actually encouraging people to eat more of them, as they have a lower grazing impact and methane production than cattle, and thus promote sustainability.  So we ate some this week, mainly out of curiosity.  Very good stuff.  tastes milder than beef, but close to that texture.  Also very lean, like bison. Here's the link if you think I'm making this up:,23599,22562846-2,00.html.
Yes, I am a heartless wench.

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