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10 January 2009

Waiting Game

Well, it's now 2009.  Hopefully everyone had a relatively uneventful holiday season.  Apollyon and I had a quiet Christmas, with midnight mass at St John's.  Christmas dinner was a picnic on the riverbank with a family from the Gold Coast.  One of the oddest Christmas Days I have ever had.  New Years Eve was similar, just me and my cotton-fluff-with-teeth.  Rob let me wake him up at 6:50 am his time to ring in my New Year, and then I made sure we were on the line together for his.
I have been looking for work, somewhat unsuccessfully.  The double-rent-mortgage-carpayment is getting quite pinchy finance wise. And no, the house still hasn't sold.  Our contract with our agent expired while we were gone, so Rob is currently setting up the next one.

On the 6th, UQ had a Getting Started seminar, which a lot of the Oztrekk people (the company I applied through).  We then had a BBQ.  It was good to meet some of the other Canadians, and reconnect with a few that I had met before in Calgary.  Most everyone is in quasi-panic trying to find housing.  Glad that headache is dealt with at least. The night before, I had James and Janet Purnell over for supper with their little guy, Jacob.  It was really great to have some company and cook for somebody besides just me!  Apollyon wasn't so sure on this idea, and spent most of the time hiding from Jacob under the dresser.
I finally had a chance to ride the CityCat (a ferry service on the river).  It is a very nice way to travel the city.  I just have to remember that it takes a while to get from here to St. Lucia, as I was late for the seminar.
On the 7th, I helped J&J&J move their stuff out to Ipswich.  They found a very nice place with a pool.  However, when Aussies advertise an unfurnished place, they MEAN unfurnished.  My friends still have to go shopping for all their appliances on top of furniture. Oddly enough, there is a built in dishwasher.  But that's pretty much it.  Poor Jacob has been without a regular routine for at least 3 weeks now, and is driving his mother crazy (Most kids thrive on routine and act out when it's thrown out of wack).

gr200timtams.jpgAnd TimTams.  I know they are available in Canada- you must get some!  They are divine with coffee.  Or tea. Or a glass of milk. Or Draino. Just get some.  A peculiar Aussie ritual is the "TimTam slam".  A bite is taken off of each end.  then you suck up coffee through the cookie.  When the liquid gets all the way to your mouth, down the hatch goes the TimTam.  Yummy! has several demonstrations, if you need to see all the gory details.
  Rob and I had the opportunity to kinda do something together.  The Oilers were playing the Canucks on the 7th, and I listened in on streaming audio to 630CHED, while Rob watched the game on TV at home.  We MSN'd comments back and forth as things happened.  Unfortunately, CopperandBlue lost, but it was nice to be experiencing the same thing together at the same time.

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