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24 December 2008

A Merry Christmas to all!

HSK084 - Nestle Coffee and Milk in a TubeThis is my new favourite quirky Aussie thing: Coffee and milk as a toothpaste-like consistency, in a squeezy tube.  Oh the fun things!  Would I ever buy this?  There are standards, people.  This is a mockery.  An ultra-portable mockery.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Yup, it’s Christmas eve here, and I just woke up with a gorgeous little kitten on my bed.  Rob and I chose the name “Apollyon, destroyer of worlds” in honour of Oppenheimer (who worked on the Manhattan Project.  These are the first words that came to his mind when he saw the first atomic detonation: ‘I have become Apollyon, destroyer of worlds’)  It is like having my own furry bundle of ADHD in the house. Sleeping was not on her top priorities last night, so I guess we didn’t do much of that. She is a purebred Ragdoll (if you aren’t familiar with the breed, it’s Wikipedia time again!).  They are basically bred to be companionable above all else.  And she is a snuggler

Oh, and I have to take it back: I found a 500mL carton of eggnog yesterday.  So I bought it.
I am planning to watch some Christmas classics (ie Peanuts and the new classic, Shrek’s Christmas), take in midnight mass at the cathedral tonight, and then snooze with Apollyon (if she’ll let me) until the 9:30 Christmas day service.  Rob is off to spend Christmas with his family in Deadwood, AB.

A very Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.  Virtual hugs all around!

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