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19 December 2008

37 degrees is still a cute angle

Yes, my friends, it is currently 37 degrees (Celcius) as I write this.  or 310.15 degrees Kelvin (don't you think Kelvin makes it sound just that much more extreme? I love it!). People are madly getting ready for Christmas- but the've got the weather entirely wrong.
Just in case anybody was wondering, they don't make eggnog in Australia for public sale. or pumkin pies.  I HAVE seen cranberry sauce; a least there is SOME civility here.  And TimTams, they make these cookies called TimTams. I have bought a package, and I'm sure they are laced with cocaine and heroin, because I am definitely going to buy more.  I can see them being part of a complete breakfast way too often.
I have to tell you the saga of the electric guy, or "the shock jockey" as my friend Barb calls him.  I moved into this flat on Nov 27th.  On Nov 28th, I called AGL to have the electricity put in my name.  They said that they needed a meter reading. No problem, I checked the meter, which was nestled in a closet with all of its friends.  But unfortunately, AGL will not accept my version of the story, as people in the past have had serious myopia when reading them and thus get "creative" with their numbers.  OK. So they tell me that they will send someone to read the meter, and I must be present in order to let him into the building. I waited for him for 2 days before calling to find out what was not happening. "Oh," the clerk replied, "it can take up to five business days to get around to it.  There is no set time."  This was not going to work, as we were heading for Sydney the next day.  So I asked her to reschedule for the 14th onward. She said she would.  I hung up the phone and bet Rob that the actual guy DOING the inspection will never get that information.  The morning of the 14th arrives.  I wait for 3 days, at home from 7:30 am to 6pm.  Then check my cell. AGL has left me a message, asking me to please call regarding access. Sure shooting, the poor sap showed up while we were gone.  You will all be proud of me, I did not take my frustration out on the operator.  She did, however, set up Friday the 19th as the date someone would show up.  So I went out and bought a vacume cleaner, got my drivers licence, and checked out the library.  Friday the 19th dawns. I am ready for this guy starting at 7:30.  At quarter to noon I get another text message from the electric company saying that they can't get access. I almost wailed, "But I'm RIGHT HERE!!!!"  So now, after hearing my tale of "woe in waiting", a very nice fellow is delagating this problem to the local company to deal with directly regarding schedules.  Within 10 business days, they will supposedly contact me and set up a fixed time to come and read the meter.  So it's still not over!  OMgoodness!  At least I am not working at the moment, and don't have to be at a class- I can sit here and wait for these bozos.  It's just a pain. On the bright side, though, I have found a million and one things you can do/sign up for/participate in via the internet.  I have filed for a taxation number, I have gotten my transit pass, creeped about on Facebook, learned everything there is to know about opals and MSN'd with Rob and my parents.  My apologies to those who have been trying to use the Vonage phone number.  The messages are getting through, but the phone itself is rather tempermental.
Another bright patch is St John's Cathedral, where I went to church last Sunday.  They were very welcoming, and I was even invited out for Christmas dinner with a family.  The building, liturgy and music are all very beautiful, but this community has a heart that shines through even this.  I am planning on attending here, and hopefully finding a volunteer position in the New Year.
So that's my week in a nutshell.  Rob is at home in Canada, and will be moving into a basement suite this weekend. the condo still hasn't sold, and funds are a little tight at the moment, with two rents and a mortgage to hold up.  Please pray for us- our finances, sanity and walk with God.  I was having a bit of a scaredy cat/pity party this morning when God smacked me upside the head this morning with Joshua: "Have I not told you? Be strong and very courageous...I will not fail you." So there. It's gonna be alright. Thanks for reading.

lastly, this lovely bit from


Do you sip your coffee from a demitasse? Is your pinky extended? Gah! Coffee should be strong, black and chewy! It should strip paint and frighten small children. Finally, it should be drunk from a vessel that is worthy of the finest caffeinated beverage on the planet.

Any mug you dare drink coffee from should be big enough to hold 20 ounces of Joe, and be big and heavy enough to use as a melee weapon should the Zombie Apocalypse finally come. Your wish is our command. This mug's handle is shaped like a face-smashing set of brass-knuckles, and will put anyone around you on notice: I'm drinking my coffee, dammit. Interrupt me at your own physical peril.

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