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21 December 2008

Back in Canada

Well I've been back in Canada for a week now.  Australia seems quite a while ago.  Back at work now with all the regular winter photocopier problems.

My life just seems odd.  I have several "homes".  First there is the flat in Brisbane where Barb is living.  Second is the condo (which we are still trying to sell).  Next is Barbra Doiron's place where Barb & I have been living since late August.  Lastly is the basement suite I will be living in starting tomorrow.  None of them really home though. Although after coming back from Australia I realized I am such a prairie boy.  Three weeks in Australia with 30 degree days, sunshine, beaches and I get back to -30 Alberta and it feels right.  I missed the crispness in the air that only the praires bring.

While I was gone from work 2 of the sales people quit.  Coleen's last day is today and Astra's is Dec 30.  I guess I can't leave anymore.

Well got all the Christmas wrapping done. Was planning to get more done today, but that's how Saturdays go.
Went to church tonight.  It was the kids Christmas production.  Got to see Lorraine, Steve and Dave.

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