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07 December 2008

Exploring the coast

So, we are now on our way to Canberra and Sydney in the HMS Destroyer.  We have managed to get things basically set up in the flat, and even had time to catch a bit of theatre, “Nunsense”.  My parking permit has come through already, thanks to the magnificent effort of Tony, from the city council.  He arrived in the morning to get the car’s registration details, and hand delivered the permit later that afternoon.  It restores my faith in humanity! Otherwise, we would have had to move the car every 2 hours and plug meters.

We took a day trip up the Sunshine Coast which included the Australia Zoo (of Steve Irwin fame, "Crikey!!") and a pineapple plantation with ice cream parfaits and tour.  Then we hit the beach for the first time in Australia.  The sand is powder fine and white.  We jumped around in the warm waves until nearly sunset.  The we drove back home into an amazing lightning display.

Yesterday, we took off in search of the “Big Banana” at Coffs Harbour, but got distracted by Byron Bay.  They have the most powerful lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere, and can be seen 40 km away.  It is also the easternmost point of Australia- next stop, Chile.  Rob got some great photos, and we walked the path around the craggy coastline.  We then explored town, in which it is claimed the artists practically fall out of the macadamia trees. We did see some pretty artsy stuff, and Barb bought a beautiful top made of recycled saris.  We headed back to the vehicle around 4:30, and you could already smell the marijuana in the air.  We headed on, driving through rainforest highway.  We even saw wild kangaroos!  We finally landed in a town called Tyndale, and took up 2 rooms.  It turned out each room comes with its own friend in the shower.  Barb D had a big spider in hers, and ours had a wee lizard that popped out of the drain when I turned the water on.  The establishment had had definitely seen better days, too.  The next morning arrived cooler and sprinkling. We still have to get to Canberra tonight.

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  1. I love this, i read your blog yesterday. accepted placidly that you were for reasons un known traveling down the coast on a tourist refitted canadian warship, and only today, when i logged back in to check for an update did i recall that Destroyer was your toyota. see how hard it is to surprise me?
    Jaded Armour (+345 resistance vs surreal damage)