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12 April 2009

The Easter Bilby

Apparently we have been deceived in North America. The Easter Bunny is an evil hoax.  The credit for the chocolate instead belongs to a native, endangered marsupial known as the Bilby. haha!  This makes sense here, as rabbits have ravaged good chunks of the countryside as an invasive species. Check out for the story.  So I did my part and bought and consumed one! There. My conscience is cleansed!  Happy Easter to all our friends!

I have this coming week off, somewhat like a reading week.  And I am actually reading! (what a keener!)  So are most of my classmates.  there is just no point at which you can be comfortable with your level of understanding when it comes to med.  there is simply too much, about too many things.  So you catch as much as you can, and pray that you won't be endangering patients with the gaps in your knowledge.  The other problem is that the knowledge base is changing almost daily.  So what I learn this week may not be true by the end of the year.  I guess that's why they have second year, and 3rd, and 4th, and internship...and the rest of your career.   The learning just doesn't stop- perfect for a professional student like me!!!  Please don't take this as whining- it's just the way it is.  I am super grateful for a little pause in the flood, and hope to be rarin' to go again by the 20th of April, when classes resume.

This Easter is, like all my holidays so far in the last 5 months, is strange.  Easter usually entails going to Innisfail, to visit with my mother-in-law at the Spring craft show.  There's also the time with the Klassen clan and celebrating Christ's resurrection with our church family.  None of these things happened for me, and Easter is a fall holiday here.  One day I'll get used to the new way of doing things!

So, Easter blessings on you all.... I hear a textbook calling me... gotta go!

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