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25 April 2009

What’s with the weather?

Welcome to Alberta.  Tuesday the weather was warm and sunny and 20degrees.  Then Wednesday rolls a round, the temperature drops and tonight we are getting snow. I guess that is the way it is.

I've spent most of the last week not feeling so good.  I stayed home from work on Friday and Monday, and spend the weekend lying in bed.  I am feeling better now, but my voice still sounds like I'm smoking a carton of cigarette's a day.  And I'm still trying to hack up a lung occasionally.

On Tuesday, Barbra and I went to see the Canadian movie "One Week".  It is about a man who finds out he has cancer and then goes on a road trip.  (Okay, it is more involved than that).  I liked the movie, a bit odd, but well worth going to see.  That makes two Canadian movies in the last six months; "One Week" and "Paschendale".  Of the two I preferred "One Week".

Spring Time in Alberta:

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